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European Train Enthusiasts: All Aboard 2013

Friday, November 23, 2012 - Sunday, January 6, 2013

The ETE has been coming to Blackhawk with their unique, modular display and model trains for more than a decade. One of their most recent layouts won third place at the Nation Model Railroad Association National Convention.

Past Programs/Lectures

Saturday Morning Speaker Series
Brett Lunger
1976 Formula One Grand Prix … An Interesting Season

Saturday, February 7, 2015 | 10:30am-Noon

Brett Lunger studied political science at Princeton University before enlisting in the Marine Corps in 1967. He served as a lieutenant in a select US Marine regiment for more than a year in Vietnam, and on his return he taught at the Marine Officers Basic School in Quantico, Virginia.

Despite coming from a very privileged background, one of the heirs of the Du Pont family fortune, he ventured into the world of big-time motor racing with a limited budget and no family support.

He began racing in 1965 with a Corvette while at Princeton, later graduating to Can-Am. Returning to the track in 1971 after leaving the Marine Corps, he took part in the L&M Formula 5000 Series in US racing alongside David Hobbs, and later joining Dan Gurney’s AAR team.

Brett’s Formula One career started alongside James Hunt in the Hesketh team in 1975, followed by a season with John Surtees team in 1976 alongside Alan Jones. He participated in 43 Formula One World Championship Grand Prix events during his four seasons in Formula One. He was one of the very last privateers in Formula One, racing during a critical period of Formula One history, and was in the middle of the most pivotal crash scene depicted in the film "Rush”.

Following his time in Formula One Brett competed in sports car racing in the US and teamed with Derek Bell and George Folmer driving a Vasek Polak Porsche 935, and co-drove a Datsun 240Z with George Alderman, the person who started him in racing.

Since retiring from motor racing, Brett has worked in marketing, sports promotion and investment management. Along the way he developed a passion for aviation. He holds two ATP ratings, flying in support of a number of charitable organizations that provide free air transport for patients in need.

Special Thank You to Rod Campbell

Saturday Morning Speaker Series:
Peter Giddings
Europe's Finest Grand Prix Car: 1926 Delage 15-S-8

Saturday, October 11, 2014 | 10:30am-Noon

A life-long car enthusiast, Peter has over half a century of experience in the automotive and racing industry. Born in England, and now residing near San Francisco, California, Peter became interested in sports and competition cars in the late '50s. His first car was a 1932 BSA air-cooled three wheeler, which he managed to qualify as a "motorcycle combination," as he was not yet old enough to have a driver's license. Peter then owned and raced a succession of chain driven 1920s Frazer Nashes, one of which he restored in the living room of his home. Since then, he has rebuilt and supervised the restoration of a number of historic landmark racing cars.

As an active member of the vintage racing community, Peter has received numerous honors and awards, including the Italian Scuderia del Portello Trophy for winning more vintage and historic events in his Alfa Romeos than anyone else in the world. In 1985, Peter drove his Alfa Romeo Monza and Tipo B "P3" to such good effect that he won the coveted Phil Hill Trophy, which was personally presented to him by the great Juan Manuel Fangio. Subsequently, Peter reached the pinnacle of "Grand Master" when he became a repeat champion of the North American Ferrari/Maserati Historic Challenge. More recently, Peter was inducted into the Road Racing Drivers Club, and in 2010, he was presented with the Motorsportsman of the Year Award.

On this occasion, Peter plans to give a presentation about his 1926 Delage and the storied racing history of the four 15-S-8's that swept the 1927 World Championship. The car will be on hand for Peter's presentation and there will be a question and answer period immediately following. The Speaker Series is free with admission to the Museum and Museum Members are Free as always.

"Racing Through the Forest:
The History of the 1950-1956 Pebble Beach Road Races"

Friday, September 19, 2014 | 7:30 pm (Reception at 6:00 pm)


A documentary film produced by renowned racecar driver Rick Knoop and filmmaker Dean Kirkland entitled, "Racing Through the Forest – The History of the 1950-56 Pebble Beach Road Races".

The documentary was filmed over approximately three years and includes 50 interviews of legendary names in road racing such as Fred Knoop, Mick Marston, Bill Pollack, Jim Hall and Phil Remington. It chronicles the events from the first through the last Pebble Beach Road Races, which included legends like Carroll Shelby, Phil Hill and Bill Pollock in 1956.

"What began as a tribute to my father, Fred Knoop, has evolved into a celebration of one of the world’s greatest road races," said Knoop. "We're thrilled to share this incredible story with audiences at the Pebble Beach Concours. It is a privilege to have the opportunity to explore this incredible history, especially just feet from the road where the men and machines did battle. I'm honored that some of those featured in the film have committed to attend."

Inspired by the memoirs of the Del Monte Forest Road Race history, the Pebble Beach Concours and Pebble Beach Company teamed up with K&K Productions to show the documentary for a select audience. Blending interviews with racers and incredible footage of the events, the film recalls the glories of this oft forgotten race with a video archive of its history.

Saturday Morning Speaker Series:
Larry Crane
The History of Car Design

Saturday, September 20, 2014 | 10:30am-Noon

Larry Crane is a Magazine Editor/Creative Director with extensive experience working on premier publications of the automotive industry, often challenged to re-energizing an icon. A talented writer and photographer, with much travel experience, an adventurous spirit and the courage to launch a successful, new, state-of-the-art magazine. Recognized in the field of publication feature writing and design.

As described by Robert Cumberford, Design Editor for Automobile, "Lawrence C. Crane is uniquely qualified as a representative of our hobby. There are many degrees of interest in cars. People whose concern goes beyond the casual often characterize themselves as "automobile enthusiasts." And there are "car guys," people who are really absorbed by the subject, who in one way or another are involved in the making, building, driving, repairing or selling cars, so their involvement includes their livelihood as well as their pleasure."

Saturday Morning Lecture Series
Jim Wangers
The Anatomy of a Musclecar

Saturday, March 15, 2014 | 10:30am-Noon

To legions of fans, Jim Wangers redefined the art and science of automotive marketing and back in the 1960s, Wangers was a driving force in Pontiac's dramatic turnaround from near-extinction to 3rd place in sales during the great "Wide-Track". The architect of Pontiac's high-performance parts program and its association with Royal Pontiac, Mr. Wangers oversaw the planning, marketing, and high-profile placement of some of the era’s greatest performance cars including the Bonneville, Grand Prix, Catalina 2 + 2, Firebird/Trans Am and of course, the GTO during his long and storied career.

The legendary "ad man" for Pontiac and the marketer behind the Pontiac GTO and several other Pontiac specialty cars, Wangers helped establish the "musclecar" to its rightful niche in the history of American car marketing. No, he did not invent the GTO, that credit goes to John DeLorean, Russ Gee and Bill Collins but Wangers was certainly the man who created the mystique that today surrounds America’s original musclecar—the Pontiac GTO.

Marking the 50th Birthday of the GTO, Jim Wangers is traveling the country recounting the behind the scenes stories on the development, advertising and release of the car that launched the Musclecar Era. After all, Jim Wangers was there when the GTO was born—Happy Birthday GTO! Furthermore, Jim Wangers presentation, "The Anatomy of the Musclecar" which addresses the growth and history of the American performance car, including today's modern performance car, continues to appreciated by enthusiasts around the country.

Saturday Morning Lecture Series:
Andrew Frankl

Saturday February 8, 2014 | 10:30 am to Noon

Our February guest speaker will be FORZA magazine's Grand Prix editor Andrew Frankl. Andrew will be talking about his new book titled Frankly Frankl, a memoir that reads like a work of fantasy but is all true. Communists, Formula One, the Cannonball Run, the Olympics and even a rare love lost and found again 40 years later. The book's title says it all: Frankly Frankl, with a foreword by three time Formula One Champion, Sir Jackie Stewart. Andrew has been covering Formula One for over 50 years and, as European Bureau Chief of the Autochannel, has also had the chance to drive just about every new car since 1996. Andrew will be doing a book signing following the presentation.

Robert Devlin:
Pebble Beach Road Races: British Domination in the Early Years

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Robert Devlin is an automotive historian with a particular passion for the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. He rst attended the event as a teenager in 1952, just two years after it started, and he has been amongst its most faithful participants in the ensuing ve decades. He has been a Class Judge at Pebble Beach, written books about the Concours and published many articles in numerous magazines and other publications.

We invite you to this Saturday Morning Lecture on the early years of the Pebble Beach Road Races, when British Cars ruled the course. A presentation of vintage images will help paint the picture of the early years when the Consours was adjunct to the racing. The Gift Shop will have Pebble Beach related articles for purchase, including Devlin’s own book: The Art of the Poster.

Classic Car Detailing with Diamond Car Care Systems

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Diamond Car Care Systems has over twenty years of detailing experience and are always looking for a new challenge. Keith Thompson and Cullen Wetmore have detailed some of the world’s more precious cars in preparation for many of the most important occasions. They have always maintained that their 'Detail System' is available to the discriminating owner and evaluated by the demands of the vehicle, where budget and expenses are a primary focus.

This program gave everyone the chance to witness their technique and learn about the 'System' that keeps some of the world's rarest automobiles in top form. Anyone who has ever wanted to learn how to get the most out of the appearance of their car should attend this demonstration.

Barney Oldfield Lecture
with Great, Great, Great Nephew Wayne Petersen

Saturday, October 6, 2012

In the early days of American racing Barney Oldfield was a legend in his own time. He began his career as a bicycle racer and later became an automotive racer. He was the first man to be clocked at 60 miles per hour on an oval track, helping put himself and then little known automaker, Henry Ford, on the map.

Oldfield raced in many races and exhibitions, some sanctioned and some not. For a large part of his career he was suspended by the AAA from competitive racing, but that just added to his outlaw image. A bona fide cultural icon, Barney starred in a Broadway show, made a movie about driving his car to save a damsel in distress, and all the while he could seemingly beat opponents at will in his "Blitzen Benz".

This lecture was presented by the Wayne Petersen who in addition to being a collector and enthusiast of Barney Oldfield's, is also the great-great-nephew of Bess Gooby—who was married to Barney twice.

West Coast Auto Racing
Lou Brero Jr.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Both Lou Brero Jr. and his father were known for their driving skills and highly competitive spirits. It wasn't just a sport for the pair, it was a lifestyle. It didn’t matter what machinery they drove, from the price of the racing machine to the size of the engine, because they easily made up for their lack there of 'whatever', in every smooth turn and move on the track.

Lou Jr. has always said that 'wealthy lumbermen do not drive $1200 dollar Kurtis cars with a 17 year old mechanic, wealthy lumbermen buy $37,000 dollar Ferraris with factory mechanics.' Nonetheless, both Breros were legends that managed 'Superior performances with hard to drive machinery.'

The Breros raced everything from their Kurtis-Cadillac to C-Type Jaguars, as well as the 1953 Ferrari 375 Spider–the same car that had been driven by Phil Hill, Ken Miles and Carrol Shelby.

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