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Docent Training

New and on-going docent training (programs with guest speakers, program publicity, and printed materials) is part of the Children's Education & Transportation Fund as well, since docents must be continually trained to tour the students.

Our many docents are a very important part of our public education program. Docents complete a rigorous but very enjoyable and interesting training program to be able to tour school groups, car clubs and other visitors.

If you live in the area, please consider becoming one of our valued docents. Meet new friends who share your common interest while enriching your life by learning fascinating new things. Call 925.736.2277, extension 236 or 238, for more information.

2011 Graduates

Our 2011 docent class graduated on June 13 after completing a year of training.

Top Row: Desi Nemeth, Gary Meneghin, Kevin Ryan & Dan Dunn-Museum Director Middle Row: Rudy Ceragioli, Jack Hiles & Nora Wagner-Program Director Bottom Row: Ron Boggs, Phil Anderson & Joyce Ferrell.

2010 Graduates

Our 2010 docent class graduated on June 11 after completing a year of training.

Docent Class of 2010, from left to right: Programs Assistant: Maria Chafin, Programs Director: Nora Wagner, Craig Kuenzinger, Mike Zinzer, Boyd Polkinghorn, Chris Oldag, Liza Behring, Sima Alefi, Jim Eddy, Melissa Youngman, Programs Staffer: Joyce Farrell, Ron Bales. (Bob Kuffner was away.)

2009 Graduates

Docent Class of 2009, left to right are: Bill Young, Barbara Tillinghast, Wayne Craig, Lonnie Bailey, Bob Brennan, Waldon Carlson, Jim Dickie, Jack Hoggard, Richard Lange, Gerald Mugele, Lillian Miller and Alan Robinson. Photographs courtesy of Dick Griffiths.

2008 Graduates

Docent Class of 2008: First Row: Dee LeBlanc, Maria Chafin (Programs Assistant), Nora Wagner (Programs Director).

Second Row: John April, Jim Jellison, Tom Escover

Back Row: Jon Sommers, Russ Saunders

Not in attendance: Bob Baker, Randy Corr and Lynn Holt-Willenborg

2007 Graduates

Our 2007 docent class graduated on June 11 after completing a year of training.

Docent Class of 2007, from left to right: Back Row: Ed Bader, Michael Walker, Ron Pearl, Paul Truschke, Donald Burns; Center Row: Juergen Habermeier, Suzanne Stroh, James Hanafee; Front Row: Cindy Wu, Jane Shah, Mary Man; and Not Pictured: Darrel Leckliter & Sandra Pohutsky.

2006 Graduates

Our 2006 docent class graduated on June 5 after completing a year of training.

They are (clockwise from far left): Marc Kagan, Charles Rubin, Jeri Shaff, Stephen Sturgis, Gary Schmidt, Dennis Musante, James Hill, Herb Foster, and Dennis Behm. Programs Assistant Maria Chafin, and Programs Director Nora Wagner, are at lower right.

2005 Graduates

Our 2005 docent class graduated on June 13 after completing a year of intensive training.

They are (clockwise from far left): Michael Bernamonti, David Leity, Tom Schramm, Michael Hayward, Tony Bourdakis, David Leity Jr., Wayne Slater, Nora Wagner (staff), Jean Kaufmann (staff), Gary Epstein, and Marie Jeanne Parsons. Joe Loduca was not present at the time of the photo.

2004 Graduates

The 2004 Docent Class is (from left to right): John Moeller, Tia Lenberg, Bob Campisi, George Beck, Tom Dodd, Ian Burditt, Bob Babineau, Fred Kern and Alex Ullmer. (Graduate Dorothy Milton was not present.)

2003 Graduates

Our 2003 docent class, with Program Director Nora Wagner and Program Assistant Jean Kaufmann. From left to right: Nora Wagner, Jim Lee, Ritch Julian, Jan Attard, Gary Desser, Pat Gulliford (behind Gary), Sandy Kubal, Fran Routh, Ingrid Lara, Karen O’Neil, Marilyn Matosian, Sue Osborn, Anita Venezia, Ed Mitchell (behind Anita), and Jean Kaufmann. Not present: Steve Elliott.

2002 Graduates

Our 2002 docents graduated during the annual ceremony in June. They are, from left to right, Barbara Michardi, Jack Sechler, Irene Jansson, Edward Radocay, Laura Sanders, Don Dean, Emily Cabrita, Rod Deily, Lloyd Hoffmeister, Greg Hill and Steve Eiselman.

2001 Graduates

Some of our 2001 docent graduates with Program Director Nora Wagner. First row: Alicia Watson, Helene Harks, George English and Nora. Back row: Steve Mick, Larry Anderson, Bob DuBois and David Wheeler. Many of our very busy, well-traveled graduates and fellow docents were not able to attend the graduation ceremony because they were off to far corners of the world or generously giving their time to their many other commitments.

Seasoned Docents

Docents from a previous year’s docent program, now all seasoned docents. From left to right: Lawrence Magnus, Mark Bellanger, Ed Bleher, Fred Garrity, Joyce Tucker, Sue Evans (hidden), Fred Hottinger, Mary Fosdick, Ralph Cozine, Bruce Adair, Jim Silva, Ed Fisher, Robert Swanson, Jackie Will (front), Bill Roper (back), Bill Well.

Docents Wearing Auto-Design Ties

Auto docents wearing their auto-design ties. From left to right: Mark Bellanger, Danny Gonsalves, Fred Zimmerman, Roger Evans and Jim Silva.

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