The Blackhawk Museum Programs Department provides a variety of services for our visitors and members.

Programs Department

The Children’s Education & Transportation Fund, a reimbursement bus fund established by the Blackhawk Museum Guild, provides school groups from around the Bay Area funding for the transportation costs to the Museum. Over 150,000 students have attended the Museum in the last 18 years, and with free programs that are targeted at every age group, there will be many more in the coming years. To learn more about the school programs that are offered here at the Museum, please contact

School Tours

“The Tour” offers the unique opportunity for students of all ages to appreciate the historical, social and artistic impact of the automobile during the last 100 years, plus a visit to our changing exhibitions — while supporting the California State Content Standards in History, English/Language Arts, and Fine Arts. Please contact for more information.

Education & Transportation Program

With the February 2015 opening of the new gallery The Spirit of The Old West, which tells the story of the expansion west from the early 1700’s to the early 1900’s, the requests from schools to visit the Museum has significantly increased from schools throughout Contra Costa and Alameda counties, and around the greater San Francisco Bay Area. The historical subject of the exhibition is part of the school curriculum.

We need to raise money to continue our school bus costs reimbursement program. The costs for a bus that can bring an average of two class size of 60+ students to the Museum is $500. Please contact for more information or click the image below.