1947 Delahaye

//1947 Delahaye



Automobiles Delahaye was founded in 1895, and designed and raced the cars through 1905. Following Delahaye’s death In 1906 Charles Weiffenbach became director of Automobiles Delahaye until the company closed in 1954.

For many years the company manufactured a line of commercial vehicles and fairly mundane passenger cars; by the mid-Thirties, Weiffenbach decided Delahaye needed a change.

Those new Delahayes expressed style, speed and individuality. At the close of World War II Delahaye was one of the first French firms to resume production. This touring cabriolet by the coachbuilding firm of Secheron in is one of three built and exemplifies the French coachbuilding style of the 1940s; it was shown at the Paris Salon in 1946.