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Dr. Gary Moulton - The Lewis and Clark Expedition

Saturday, January 28, 2023
10:30 AM - 12:30 PM

In the mid-1970s the University of Nebraska accepted the challenge to sponsor a new and complete edition of the journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Originally published in 1814, The Journals of the Expedition Under the Command of Capt's Lewis and Clark was editor Nicholas Biddle's summary of what he had available when preparing the book. Despite subsequent editions of the Journals in 1893 and 1904, scholars perceived the need for a completely new edition as additional material had been discovered during the mid-20th Century.

In 1979 the University selected Dr. Gary E. Moulton as the editor of the more than one million words written by Lewis and Clark and several of their men who kept journals. Dr. Moulton had no special knowledge of Lewis and Clark but had professional interests in the American West and Native Americans and was an accomplished historic editor and fund-raiser. As he delved into the journals, he began to think that his vision might have exceeded his grasp. He had so much varied material - botany, zoology, astronomical readings, geology, archaeology, ethnology, linguistics, meteorology, and medicine - that needed to be understood and explained. What was a mere historian doing among all this science? How would he tackle that impressive body of diverse information? The answer: consultants. Hadn't the great captains welcomed Native guides to assist them in accomplishing their explorations? The project ultimately utilized the talents of more than 100 different consultants and advisors.

By the time Dr. Moulton had finished editing The Journals of the Lewis & Clark Expedition, the set reached 13 volumes, including an elephant folio of maps, mostly drawn by Clark's excellent cartographic hand, and a volume dedicated to the flora that Lewis had collected on the trip. Dr. Moulton’s presentation will discuss these and other subjects and relate his personal journey in editing this magnificent collection of historic materials. It is a fascinating story of one man's living with a treasure of the American historical narrative which related an adventure of epic proportions.

Admission to the museum includes access to the event.

Mark Jordan - The Lewis and Clark Expedition

Saturday, March 18, 2023
10:30 AM - 12:30 PM

The Lewis and Clark Expedition - Near Misses – How Lucky are those Men – and Women. Mark Jordan will tell stories about near disasters that could have ended the Expedition or significantly compromised its ability to succeed or resulted in the death of its participants. What danger or disaster lurked for the Expedition? Does one of the Captains almost die? More than once? Does their fully loaded large boat almost disappear? Could they have lost Sacajawea? What happened when Grizzlies attacked? Did they face Fierce Natives? What kind of serious accidents did they narrowly avoid? Is it true that only one man died? Join Mr. Jordan as he provides the stories about these exciting adventures of 31 men, one teenage girl and her infant son.

Admission to the museum includes access to the event.