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About Blackhawk Museum

Opened in September of 1988, Blackhawk Museum was dedicated to the pride, the beauty and the craftsmanship inherent in the legacy of the automobile. The Blackhawk Museum has been described as possibly the finest museum of its type devoted to the enjoyment, appreciation and education of the automobile artform.

Additional galleries were introduced to the public beginning in 2015 with the completion of the Spirit of the Old West, featuring the Fick Collection. Art of Africa, added in 2016. Into China, opening in February of 2020, followed by the opening of World of Nature.

Founder, Kenneth E. Behring’s vision of Museums as Temples of Learning is evident throughout five exquisite galleries, and remains a unique feature of the Western United States.

Blackhawk Museum is a subsidiary of Behring Global Educational Foundation – a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization Tax I.D. 84-4053692


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Behring Global Educational Foundation

The Behring Global Educational Foundation has been developed upon the tremendous success of the Wheelchair Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by Kenneth E. Behring in 2000, now a sub-division of BGEF.

BGEF was established to identify, create and oversee multiple operations that specialize in providing aid to international health and educational related areas of need. With projects like the Wheelchair Foundation and the International Museums Partnership, BGEF is a united network of charitable organizations dedicated to eliminating suffering, providing hope, mobility and freedom and expanding basic education and economic development opportunities around the world.

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Wheelchair Foundation

The Wheelchair Foundation is a nonprofit organization leading an international effort to create awareness of the needs and abilities of people with physical disabilities, to promote the joy of giving, create global friendship, and to deliver a wheelchair to every child, teen and adult in the world who needs one, but cannot afford one. For these people, the Wheelchair Foundation delivers Hope, Mobility and Independence.

The Wheelchair Foundation is a Division of Behring Global Educational Foundation. It is a 501(c)3 charitable foundation and the Federal Tax ID is 84-4053692.

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