Harry Sherrard “Brooklands”

Brooklands, the world’s first purpose built race circuit, opened in 1907, and was the birthplace of British motorsport. Powerful and spectacular cars raced on its dauntingly steep banking, and it was the location of the first British Grand Prix. But Brooklands was much more than a great sporting arena. It was also central to the golden days of land speed record attempts, and Malcolm Campbell and John Cobb developed their record breaking machines there. Moreover, Brooklands was a major centre

John Nikas – The Theory of Automotive Evolution

John Nikas, award-winning automotive historian, provides a compelling examination of the cultural, economic, political, social and technological factors that have affected the course of the automobile’s development over history. John introduces his recently debuted theory of automotive evolution and predicts where the car might be headed in the future. John Nikas is an automotive writer who specializes in weaving social, cultural and economic factors into his compelling narratives about automotive history. Raised in an Anglophile household, John first fell in love

Unearthing Ancient China: Stories about Terracotta Warriors and Beyond

In 1974, a farmer accidentally found a large array of life-sized terra cotta soldiers that had been buried underground for over 2,000 years. This awe-inspiring troop belonged to China’s first emperor, Qin Shihuang, who conquered rivaling states and unified China in 221 BCE. The tremendous scale, refined craftsmanship, and naturalistic detail of these sculptural works reveal the complexity and accomplishments of the material culture of the Qin Empire. Since then, new findings from this and other burials have significantly enriched

Mark Jordan “Lewis and Clark Expedition”

In 1803 Thomas Jefferson set in motion a plan to accomplish what had thwarted Europeans and Americans for 300 years—the discovery of an all water route from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. He appointed his private secretary Meriwether Lewis to lead an expedition to find this Northwest Passage. Lewis, joined by his former army commander William Clark, left the East to follow the Missouri River to its source where, it was assumed, the source of the Columbia River would

Diorama Murals at the Blackhawk Museum

Roxana Santos de Hayden is a self-taught acrylic & oil painter known for her architectural mural, trompe l’oeil, and landscape paintings. She was born in El Salvador and attended college at London’s South Bank University. While in London she earned the distinguished “Painter-Stainers Award” for her skill in color from the Worshipful Company of Painter-Stainers, an organization which traces its roots to 1283. Recently she received an award from the Salvadorian government for her success in plastic arts (2015). After

The Goodwood Story by Harry Sherrard

Harry Sherrard’s presentation on Goodwood filled the Automotive Gallery with guests eager to learn it’s story. Harry Sherrard has had a 30 year association with Goodwood, instructing at the circuit, being involved with the campaign for the return of racing, and driving in both the Revival and the Festival of Speed. His presentation covered King Charles II and the creation of the Dukedom of Richmond in 1672, to the purchase of Goodwood by

Graham Robson – Cosworth and F1

Special thanks to Graham Robson for presentation the history of Cosworth engines and how they impacted the world of Formula 1 racing and even production cars. The presentation was well attended by guests and Museum Members interested in automotive racing history. Graham Robson was originally from Yorkshire, studied to become an engineer at Oxford and had since spent his life in the automotive world. He started on the bottom rung at Jaguar in 1957 and worked his way up to contributing

Jerry Fick – The Battle of Little Big Horn

Jerry Fick has spent most of his life collecting and curating the artifacts now on display in The Spirit of the Old West exhibition. “Custer’s Last Stand” is a battle that resonated throughout the west, but what is the true story of that day? The indigenous people knew it not only by a different name, but as a battle that was not so Custer-centric.

Jerry Fick – Sacred Bull (Ta’tan Ka Wakan)

Jerry Fick – Sacred Bull (Ta’tan Ka Wakan) from Blackhawk Museum on Vimeo. Jerry Fick has spent most of his life collecting and curating the artifacts in The Spirit of the Old West exhibition. The importance of the buffalo to Indian people throughout North American cannot be overstated. Before colonization of the continent and the buffalo’s near extermination, the buffalo was an integral part of daily life. Nearly all activities, such as hunting, cooking, sewing, making art, teaching, praying,

Peter Brock – BRE’s Japanese Auto Race History

The presentation by Peter Brock filled the Auto Gallery with hundreds of Datsun/Nissan lovers. Brock spent time with the attendees of the Z Gathering and signing all sorts of items from posters to dashboards. Full speaker series video coming soon. Peter Brock founded Brock Racing Enterprise (BRE) in 1965 and in the ‘60s and ‘70s the ever innovative BRE racing team won four SCCA National Championships for Datsun (Nissan) against teams from BMW, Porsche, Triumph and Alfa Romeo using Datsun’s