Blackhawk Museum Classic Car Collection


The museum officially opened to the public, showcasing a collection of classic, rare, and unique automobiles in a state-of-the-art facility.

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35 Year Anniversary

The Blackhawk Museum celebrated its 35th anniversary, marking over three decades of cultural and educational contributions to the community.

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World of Nature

This exhibit was opened, focusing on natural history and the environmental aspects of various ecosystems around the world.

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Blackhawk Museum Into China Golden Thrown

Into China

The museum added the Into China exhibit, offering visitors a look into the historical and cultural aspects of one of the world’s oldest civilizations.

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Art of Africa

This exhibit was introduced, featuring traditional and contemporary art from various regions of Africa, emphasizing the continent’s rich cultural heritage.

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Blackhawk Museum Spirit of the Old West

Spirit of the Old West

This exhibit was launched, providing insights into the history of the American West, depicting the challenges, successes, and failures of both Native Americans and American Settlers.

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The Blackhawk Museum was founded by Ken Behring and Don Williams in Danville, California, primarily to house classic automobiles.

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