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The Bay of Life: From Wind to Whales

  • September 9, 2024 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
  • 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Join us at the Blackhawk Museum on September 5th at 7:00PM for an inspiring evening with renowned photographers and conservationists, Frans Lanting and Christine Eckstrom. This talented duo, partners in both life and work, dedicate their careers to fostering a deeper understanding of our planet through captivating images and compelling narratives.

Their presentation will delve into the extraordinary environmental resurgence of California’s Monterey Bay. Once a scene of significant ecological devastation, where redwood forests faced rampant clearcutting and marine life was severely depleted by over-exploitation, Monterey Bay has transformed into North America’s premier hotspot for biodiversity. This remarkable turnaround serves as a beacon of hope, illustrating the immense potential for ecosystem recovery.

Through their engaging stories of resilience and proactive conservation, Lanting and Eckstrom will showcase how the revitalization of Monterey Bay stands as a powerful example of environmental restoration. Their talk aims to ignite a sense of wonder and motivate continued efforts towards preserving our natural world in these critical times.

This event is a must for anyone interested in photography, conservation, and the power of positive change. It’s an opportunity to learn from two of the most influential voices in environmental photography and to be part of a conversation that could shape the future of conservation efforts globally.

Don’t miss this chance to be inspired and to gain insights into one of the most successful environmental recovery stories of our time.

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