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“National Geographic Live brings to life the remarkable stories of National Geographic Explorers through in-person live events. Its broad roster of speakers, including renowned photographers, scientists, filmmakers, and adventurers, shares their behind-the-scenes stories from the front lines of exploration—alongside unforgettable imagery and gripping footage—with audiences in performing arts centers throughout North America and abroad.”

The Blackhawk Museum is proud to host a series of four National Geographic Live events this fall.
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Doors 6:00 PM | Presentation 7:00 PM
Tickets for Individual Events
$35 – Non-Member Ticket
$20 – Member Ticket

Social by Nature - Ronan Donovan

Doors Open: 6:00pm | Speaker Starts: 7:00pm

What’s a human? We are, at our core, social mammals. We build relationships, communicate, reproduce, establish territories, and adapt to shrinking resources. In these ways, we’re no different than other social mammals. Chimpanzees, wolves, and gorillas are among the most charismatic of the mammals we know. We identify with them as species, groups, and even as named individuals. They’re also under threat. Join biologist-turned-photographer Ronan Donovan as he talks about his work in documenting these animals and what we, as fellow social mammals, can learn from them.