1934 Mercedes-Benz 500K Special Roadster

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The Mercedes-Benz 500 K first appeared at the Mondiale de l’Automobile show in Paris, France 1934, product of Daimler-Benz AG, Sindelfingen factory. Around 25 model 500 series were produced from 1934 until 1937. These included various versions of the 500 K Roadster; Cabriolet to Coupé, the 540 K Roadster model series and the extremely rare and world-renowned 500 K Spezial-Roadster.

Distinguished from the 500 sedan by the “K” for Kompressor (German for supercharger) which was only fitted to these performance cars.  A larger, more powerful engine and more opulent coachwork met customers’ demands for greater luxury and performance

This ‘Russian Roadster’ is believed to have been originally owned by Ukranian film director Viktor Tourjansky.  It appeared in his romantic comedy movie “Der Blaufuchs” (the Blue Fox), starring Swedish singer and actress Zarah Leander.

It is unique in being the only factory made 500K roadster with special louvres, unusual fenders and the cut down sides without doors, capturing the spirit of the great racing cars immortalized by the SSK. .  Pressing the throttle pedal fully engaged the Roots supercharger, inducing the five-litre straight-eight engine to produce up to 160 horsepower and making the car capable of over 100 mph, while consuming fuel at the rate of up to 8 mpg as it did so.

There are indications that this car was also used for racing. It sat behind the Soviet Iron Curtain until changes in the world political climate allowed for its exportation in 1988.   (Exhibited at the PEBBLE BEACH CONCOURS D’ELEGANCE IN 1991.)