1948 Bentley Mark VI Tourer Coachwork by Jacques Saoutchik

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This car is the only post-war Bentley with coachwork designed and built by Jacques Saoutchik of Paris. The cutaway doors, the absence of side windows, and the fold-flat windscreen justify the use of the term “tourer.”

The louvers on the top of the hood, and the opening panel that the top folds into are interesting elements the original customer, Curt E. Forstmann of the Forstmann Woolen Co, Passaic, NJ, had requested of Saoutchik.

Commissioned in 1947 by Mr. Curt Forstmann of Montclair, New Jersey; owner of Forstmann Woolens and at the time one of the world’s wealthiest men. He and his son, Peter, drew designs for the car one weekend and, working with Max Hoffman (the Porsche importer) of New York, had Saoutchik build the body. The chassis was shipped from Crewe, England in March 1948 to his workshop in Neuilly-sur-Seine (adjacent to Paris). The total cost was $20,000, twice as much as a standard Mark VI.

The original owner put 15,000 miles on it before selling it in 1958.

Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in 1998.