1970 Dodge Challenger Convertible

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Horace and John Dodge founded Dodge Brothers Company to make auto parts for the early automobile companies and by 1914 they had begun to produce their own vehicles. In 1928 the former President of the Buick Division at General Motors, Walter P. Chrysler, bought Dodge Brothers Company to bolster the lineup of then fledgling Chrysler Corporation. Dodge became one of the mid-level tiers of cars alongside the DeSoto, but positioned beneath the Chrysler and above the Plymouth divisions.

By the late sixties Chrysler was looking for a model to compete in the “pony car” era of high performance, affordable sports cars. With a variety of engine and trim options, they hoped the added luxury and style of the Dodge Challenger would set it apart from the Mustangs, Camaros and Firebirds. The Challenger was well received by the public at first but sales declined in all “pony car” segments with the 1973 Oil Crisis and the Challenger’s fate was sealed by the middle of 1974.

This car was 1 of 66 made and features a 340 V-8 engine with a Pistol-grip 4-speed transmission, the A-66 Challenger performance package, sport hood, 26” radiator, upgraded R/T appearance package, power convertible top, hood pins, power steering, B51 power disc brakes and N41 dual exhaust.