1930 Pierce-Arrow Model B 7-Passenger Sedan

Project Details
Project Description
    Iconic Pierce-Arrow fender headlamps
    366ci L-head inline eight-cylinder engine
    Midrange model in the Pierce-Arrow lineup
    Unique color scheme with maroon belt line

Two very significant events in Pierce-Arrow’s history occurred in 1928. The company was not healthy despite the relative popularity of the lower-priced Series 80. New models were needed, and salvation came in the form of an alliance with Studebaker, which had a hefty cash surplus and a desire to offer a true luxury model. New models for 1930 were simply designated A, B, and C, from the largest and most expensive to the smallest and least expensive. There were now four wheelbases and three sizes of engines. The new 366-cubic inch unit was used in the Model B capable of producing a respectable 125 horsepower. The headlights are integrated into the front fenders, a Pierce-Arrow hallmark since 1914.