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Monetary Donations

The Museum is supported through admissions, membership sales and charitable contributions. To help us continue with our mission to educate and serve the community you can donate by using the button below. Thank you for your support.

Car & Artifact Donations

The Museum welcomes tax-deductible donations of automobiles or automotive art suitable for our exhibitions and literature for our automotive resource library. Please call Jon Snyder at 925.736.2277, extension 100, for more information, or leave an e-mail message Jon Snyder.

Request A Ticket Donation

In general the Museum makes donations of admission tickets and memberships to other organizations stating an educational purpose. It is preferable that these groups be local to the East bay as the thought behind donating is to be a good and supportive neighbor.

The Museum supports car clubs, other automobile museums and organizations dedicated to preserving classic cars and those groups who promote automobile hobbyists and enthusiasts.

The Museum allots 10 packs of 4 tickets to be sent out each month.

Donations may be made to other organizations if there remains a balance of tickets set aside for donations.