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World of Nature

World of Nature is an incredible and expansive collection of carefully-curated animal species from all over the world. With more than 600 species on display, this gallery provides an exceptional learning experience for students and educators of all ages. Stroll through dioramas depicting the most significant ecosystems on Earth and view both predator and prey from distances that would be impossible in the wild. The result is a more informed and enlightened view of the natural world and the crucial importance of protecting and preserving these wonderful creatures for future generations.

Blackhawk Museum World of Nature

Blackhawk Museum World of Nature Australia

Australian Wildlife

Australia features some of the most biodiverse ecosystems on earth and is home to more species than any other developed nation in the world. Most of Australia’s wildlife is found nowhere else on the planet.  Home to nearly half the world’s bird species and over ninety percent of all reptile and frog species, conservation of this rich and fragile environment is of great importance to humankind.

Blackhawk Museum World of Nature Shark

The Undersea Ecosystem

Constituting the greatest part of the surface of Earth, our oceans, seas, rivers and lakes also host the planet’s most unknown places and creatures.  Our water-bodies support vast biodiversity, and humans around the globe rely on the oceans, lakes and rivers for food and livelihood everyday.

Blackhawk Museum World of Nature Africa

African Wildlife

Come stand beside the migration of wild Wildebeest and Zebra.  See nature’s awesome array of colors and shapes and hear the sounds of the world’s natural places.  World of Nature showcases more than 700 species from numerous biomes and lets you explore earth’s awesome biodiversity.

Blackhawk Museum World of Nature

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