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Volunteers have always been an integral part of the success of this world-class institution. We understand the immense value that you add to the community.

All Volunteers receive:

  • Unlimited Free Admission to the Museum for One Year

  • Exclusive Offers and Discounts on Museum Ticketed Events

  • Invitations to special Members-only events and viewing hours

Volunteer Opportunities



>Gallery Monitor


>Special Events


Becoming a docent at Blackhawk Museum is an invitation to embark on a captivating journey of discovery and education while sharing your passion for art, science, culture and history.

As a docent, you'll become a storyteller, a guide, and a beacon of knowledge, guiding visitors on a magical tour through the rich tapestry of our heritage.

Your role will not only deepen your own understanding and appreciation of the treasures within our walls but also ignite the curiosity and imagination of those who walk through our doors. It's a chance to inspire young minds, foster lifelong learning, and connect people with the wonders of the past.

Let your passion shine as you help create unforgettable moments of enlightenment and awe for our visitors.


As a greeter, you're the first friendly face that our guests encounter, and you have the power to set the tone for their entire experience. Imagine being the guide who opens the doors to inspiration, curiosity, and discovery. Your warm smile and helpful presence can turn a simple visit into a memorable experience for every guest. Plus, you'll have the chance to interact with people from all walks of life, share fascinating stories, and learn something new every day.

Let your enthusiasm and welcoming spirit create lasting memories for all who visit Blackhawk Museum. We can't wait to see the positive impact your presence will make on our treasured guests!

Gallery Monitor

Our gallery monitors play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and enjoyment of both the artworks and our visitors.

A gallery monitor's duties include maintaining a watchful eye on the gallery, helping to protect the exhibits from accidental damage or theft, and making sure that all museum rules and regulations are followed. You will be available to answer visitors' questions, provide information about the works on display, and offer guidance on the where to find things in the museum. Additionally, you'll assist in maintaining a quiet and respectful atmosphere, ensuring that visitors have a rewarding and educational experience.

As a gallery monitor, your presence is vital in preserving the cultural treasures within the museum, and your passion for art and history can be a source of inspiration for all who walk through our doors. It's a role that combines vigilance, and education, making it a rewarding and enriching opportunity.


Public Outreach Fundraising and sanctioned event/program fundraising. I believe would include Public Outreach representation for the museum and asking for donations under the direction of the Program Director for Museum sanctioned projects (Children's Transportation Fund, Speaker Series, Cultural Events, Retirement Planning and Estate Donation, etc.).

Special Events

Event Coordination and implementation, Car Shows (coordination and general organization), Museum Events (Father's Day, Cultural Events, etc.) Special Events Volunteers fill many roles, museum representatives, check-in/registration, greeting and gallery hosting, etc.

Blackhawk Museum Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest in joining the volunteer team at the Blackhawk Museum! We invite you to complete our application form, providing your contact details, areas of interest, and any questions you have. Once we receive your application, a Museum representative will reach out to discuss the unique opportunities available and answer any questions you may have. Should your application advance for consideration, we will notify you regarding the next steps. You must be 18+ to volunteer at the Blackhawk Museum.

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