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Children's Education and Transportation Fund Request Procedure

Blackhawk Museum is committed to ensuring that school children have the opportunity to visit the Museum as an important part of their education. The Children’s Education and Transportation Fund is an innovative reimbursement program that provides financial support for bus transportation to the Blackhawk Museum.


School group reservations and approval for transportation funding are required at least (4) weeks in advance. Teachers wishing to utilize the Children’s Education and Transportation Fund must request the funds at the time they request their tour.

  1. Submit a Tour Request: To request a tour date visit our website at and select Request a School/Youth Tour and submit the School Tour Request Form. To request the assistance of the Children's Education and Transportation Fund, please indicate this on the School Tour Request Form.

  2. Upon receipt of a School Tour Request Form the Programs Department will contact the teacher to schedule a tour and to ask for a cost estimate of the bus transportation.

  3. Submission and Approval of Cost Estimate: All bus fund requests require the submission of a cost estimate to the Programs Department at for approval, prior to the confirmation of your tour date. Upon approval a Reimbursement Request Form will be sent to the teacher.


  1. Copy the Reimbursement Request Form onto your school letterhead and fill in the required information.

  2. Submit the Reimbursement Request Form and the final bill or invoice from the bus company showing the full amount the school paid for the field trip to the Blackhawk Museum within the school year of the field trip to qualify for reimbursement.

  3. Payments will be processed after your school’s tour. If multiple tour dates have been scheduled, then the payment will be made following the final tour date.

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